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High School, AP, and College Algebra Students require to take algebra for a number of reasons; to fill the requirements for a degree as Bachelor of science, College preparation courses, and college credit. Whatever your reason for taking Algebra there are are going to new terms that you must learn and understand. Which is much like learning a new language. Let’s call this language of math e.g. terms such as simplify, evaluate the expression, the equation of a line, the slope of a line, intercepts, ordered pairs(coordinates), graphing x-y plots, factoring, quadratic equation to name a few. Algebra opens up a new way’s to solve problems with unknown quantities;


  • Functions
    • Algebraic
    • Exponential
    • Logarithmic
  • Graphics of Comics
    • Zeros of polynomial
    • Systems of equations
    • Induction
  • Book Now
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