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We have practicing engineers /educators with more than 30 years of experience in and we have taught Mechanics of (Strength) Materials (Deformable Solids) Tutoring and college courses. Mechanics of materials course begin an engineers journey into how actual structures behave.  Engineering Statics assumes that structural elements are infinitely rigid, but in actuality, they are not. Structural members have some give in them e.g. deflections and deformation. We use the deformation equations to solve statically indeterminate structures. This is that added to the three static equations we learned in Engineering Statics e.g. ( Sum of the forces in the Fx, Fy and Sum Moments).  Subjects included;

  • Hook’s Law
  • Stress & Strain
  • SuperPosition Theory
  • Axial Deformations & Stress
  • Bending Deformations & Stress
  • Shear Deformations & Stress
  • Torsional Deformations & Stress
  • Beam Deflections(Double Integration, Tables, etc)
  • Mohr’s Circle Combined Stress Analysis
  • Energy Methods(Strain Energy)
  • Structural Design ( Steel, Timber, Composite Materials, etc)
  • Design of Beams, Columns and Axially loaded members

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