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One and half hour tutoring sessions are optimal for Students and Parents of students are looking for extra assistance for their school needs. Tutoring services assistant students understanding the material that has been presented to them by our instructors in person, and online. Tutors assist students with their understanding of course materials, therefore Services are in person and online depending on the subject and Tutor/Student locations. Subject Area’s are primarily technical academics; such as Math, Science, and Engineering the availability of quality tutors maybe limited so online sessions with tutors anywhere make it much easily accomplished. These sessions lengths need to be of adequate length for the tutor and student to get through subject content. Session lengths should be at least One and half hour tutoring sessions.

Undergraduate Math and Engineering Courses

One and half hour tutoring sessions for subjects such as Math Tutoring. Math Subjects (Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Probability, and Statistics).  The first two years of engineering courses students core subjects are those that are taken. These courses include; Statics, Mechanics of Materials, Fuild (Statics and Dynamics), Engineering Economics, ThermoDynamics, Physics, Dynamics, Hydraulics, Hydrology. Upper division courses are those students take when specializing in the area they would like to pursue in there career. These areas include; Transporation Engineering, Structural Analysis, Structural Design Steel(AISC), Reinforced Concrete Design, Matrix Structural Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, Soil Mechanics, Mechanical Vibrations, Mechanical Properties of Concrete, Timber Structural Design, Masonry Structural Design.

Graduate and Professional Development Course Areas

Professional Development and graduate level courses can include the specialty of Bridge Engineering. These courses could include design and evaluation specifications include; AASHTO Bridge Design Standard Specifications, AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, AASHTO Maintenace Manual, AASHTO Manual for Condition Evaluation, AASHTO Load And Resistance Factored Rating (LRFR) Manual, AASHTO Manual for Bridge Evaluation.

Graduate School Courses (Random Vibrations of Structures, Structural Dynamics, Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design, Prestressed Concrete Design, Highway Materials Construction, Foundations, Pavement Performance Management, Project Management.)

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