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“Great at explaining and working out problems really knowledgeable, only wish he had a better camera for the one that views his desktop… that being said trying to draw with a mouse is impossible at this level the symbols are way too important and it slows down the process too much in a one on one setting. So using the varsity site isn’t the answer. He scans all the docs after which has been enough to clear up the confusion. I liked having some material to go over in between sessions so we have similar problems to discuss in the next session. I don’t have HW anymore so I kinda need it. I wish he would buy the Schaum’s outline book it has a ton of problems to work but it’s a machine design book. I think a lot of it transfers over from structural but I don’t know the book is like $22 I’ve seen it for as cheap as $8 and it has practice problems for PE machine design and it’s what I’ve been going through every evening picking a problem or two out of. Great tutor though I would definitely recommend him “Show Less

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