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Professional Engineering Licensure

Professional Engineering Licensure review and preparation. Therefore, we can also assist with Professional Certifications and Licensure (Fundamentals in Engineering (FE), Engineering in Training (EIT), Civil, Structural, Mechanical Professional Engineers and Structural Engineers licensures.

Civil (PE)

Structural (SE)

  • Building Design (UBC, IBC)
  • Bridge Design (AASHTO Standard Spec and LRFD Spec)

EIT(Engineering in Training)/FE(Fundamental of Engineering)

We have staff with advanced degrees, university/college teaching experience and more than 30 years of professional experience.

Instruction can be performed live via the internet at times that are convenient to your schedules (evenings and weekends are available as well).

Are you finding that you are having difficulty with your current coursework? Need a refresher on the fundamentals or look to learning something new? We can help at reasonable rates and with friendly instructors.


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