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Segmental Bridge Construction

Segmental Bridge construction has been a practice since 1946 when the first opened the Luzancy Bridge across the Marne River in France;

Pont de Luzancy
Segmental Bridge Construction

was erected. The method comes in many forms;Cast in place Segmental, Precast Segmental. It has a few construction methods that are employed depending on the nature of the projects needs. These include; balanced cantilever,  span by span, progressive placement. The first bridge designed and built in the United states was Precast segmental box girder in 1973 for the John F. Kennedy Memorial causeway bridge to Padre Island, Texas. Image result for pictures of Padre Island causeway bridge built in 1973









Other notable bridges that are Segmentally constructed include; Sunshine skyway bridge

In the United States this methodology has been utilized on the Washington Bypass in North Carolina. The substructure was built from the gantry in a top down method. The video shows the total top down construction from gantry to minimize the impact on an environmentally sensitive wetland area in North Carolina.

This bridge construction is amazing approach used in China. Bridge construction can automate the building of bridges in remote locations and building the superstructure from top down process. This bridge is a span by span with a automated gantry.

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