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A brilliant engineer, great teacher, hard class. Make sure you know statics inside and out and be prepared to supplement lectures with prepared to supplement lectures with reading/examples and homework. The material is hard to digest at times and he makes it as palatable as he can, so ask questions and take advantage of office hours, Professor P. is always willing to help.

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You will have to work for your grade in this class,
but if you do the reading and assignments, and aren’t complete **** then you’ll be fine. Prof.
P. goes out of his way to help those who show interest and engage with the subject matter. He
has TONS of experience in this exact field, so he has a
lot of PRACTICAL ways to explain the subject.

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If you do the work and do the reading then you’ll be
fine. Otherwise, it’s your own fault. If you don’t do
well in his course, its because you don’t deserve to
be in engineering.

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