Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering , is the application of physics for static loading. Slowly applied loadings are Static in nature. Therefore, requires investigation of Gravity(Dead) and Transient Loads(Live). Live loads are treated as pseudo-static in their application. By comparison, transient loads, in reality, are time-dependent e.g. require the solution of a differential equation. Therefore, simple structures are designed by static and pseudo-static loadings. Complex structures are designed for static and dynamic loads to add more economical member sizes and design for more realistic loading that a structure would see through its life,

Another definition that a working associate had on his wall is very fitting;

Structural Engineering, A discipline of how to design structures (we can’t precisely analyze!), which are subjected to different loads (we can’t exactly predict!), utilizing a variety of materials (we don’t fully understand!) in such a way that the general public does not realize the level of our ignorance.

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