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Tutor Profile / R.P.

Tutor Profiles / R.P. , I have more than 33 years of experience in Engineering and Instruction of Engineering. I have been very lucky and had the opportunity to teach Engineering course at a local community college. The students ranged from young adults, who had just finished high school, to students that were working adults had come back to school to change their futures. These students ranged in ages to 19 years to 65 years. I enjoy working with students with such wide experience levels. I tailored the courses to keep all my students activated and interested as well as excited about future courses.

Tutor Profiles / R.P. Math and Engineering Teaching / Tutoring

Math and Engineering is the application of physics to everyday problems. Engineering problems are solved by a process with the use of mathematics (algebra, geometry, calculus, differential equations, Linear Algebra, and Statistics). Engineers make simplified mathematical models to represent the real world. The engineering courses I taught were the foundation (core)courses(Statics, Dynamics, Mechanics of (Strength)Materials, Fluids, Thermodynamics,  Engineering Economics), that students will utilize the during their whole engineering careers, as well as needed for when the student progresses in to professional life and careers as engineers. With a strong foundation in Math, Science, and Physics my students will be prepared for the future and useful to their employers and society as a whole.

Engineering Subjects

I have Taught/Tutored Students in their upper-division and graduate coursework. Subject areas include; Structural Analysis and Design (Steel AISC, Concrete ACI, Timber NDS, Masonry), Matrix’s Structural Analyses, Structural Dynamics, Bridge Design (AASHTO LRFD), Prestressed Concrete Design(PCI).; Courses in Civil, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Professional Licensure Reviews and Preparation

Becoming a Professional in your fields requires that public safety and health must come first and become a Professional Engineer you will be required to pass exams with appropriate experience and education. I have assisted student s studying the fundamentals of engineering exams (FE/EIT). I have also assisted students with the preparation of their Professional Engineers (PE) Exam in civil and Mechanical Engineering.

I have also assisted working adults with professional exams for certifications with the federal government such as; Corp of Engineers exam for contracting and, Architectural Hand and CAD Drafting.

I look forward to assisting students with math, science, physics and engineering courses and professional development for their careers so that they came to become the engineers and scientists for the future.


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Tutor Profile / R. P.
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